Welcome! My name is Mark, and I run 9art photography. I love what I do. Other people seem to love it too, which you can see on my testimonials page.

9art is here to photograph portraits for families, seniors and brides. I also do a lot of commercial photography, which you can see on my other site- marknphoto.com

Me in a nutshell::

I have a curly mustache, a wife, and two tiny human beings back at home.

I love old music, epic movies, downtown scenery, and getting excited with people. But you're not really here to read about ME....

Photography is my passion and creative outlet- a craft that constantly pushes and pulls me in exciting ways.  It allows me to work and connect with people, to convey something new about them, and to bring them joy through the images I make. 

My favorite thing to do when I'm working with families or individuals, is to find a fitting way to tell a story for them. Sometimes that's a very real story- "this is exactly who we are"- and we end up with a shoot that feels laid back and photojournalistic. Other times, that story is entirely fictional; we create an eye-popping new fairytale, or pretend the individual is a rock star, or something else wacky and fun.

Regardless, I want my images to always reflect something about the subject, and for themt to completely enjoy that process.

I also invite people to join me for fun local stuff like the third thursday photobooths I put on!

Not sure if you want me to be your photographer? Take a look around my site galleries, my facebook page... get a feel for my photography. I'm an honest believer that your work should speak for itself.  If my style unquestionably speaks to you and you'd like to collaborate, then Contact me and maybe we can grab a coffee sometime soon!





lifestyle photography and concept portraits for families in the Midwest!