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Oh boy. Prices... here's the part where you grit your teeth and scroll down with your eyes half closed, right? "We're ALREADY spending this much on the dress!!" you say. I know, I know. Well I'll  keep it honest and simple for you. Here's some things to think about while we're on the subject...

Two thoughts going in: 

1: I know. I'm sure not the cheapest guy in town. I also never judge anyone for finding another option bc they don't have a big wedding budget (I didn't either). I'm sure not going to try to talk you into it- that's why I leave my prices on this page instead of making you contact me to get a rates sheet. You either can afford it or you can't, and I sure know that photography isn't anywhere near the only decision you have ahead of you.

But as you're making decisions about where to put the budget you DO have, the question to follow that first one... do you really want the cheapest guy in town to capture this day, of all days? Or do you want one whose price reflects quality- with experience, passion, artistry, and professionalism? Check out my wedding reviews on the 9art facebook page. My brides will always back that up.  


 2: I don't shoot a lot of weddings these days. Most of my work is actually commercial work (as Mark N photography), and I do like having some weekends free- another reason my prices are what they are. However; the benefit of me only shooting a handful of weddings each year, is I'm entirely fresh at every one. I still love shooting them because I don't overdo them. 

My demeanor is easygoing, I'm happy to take time beforehand to help you set up your wedding day's timeline for a relaxed flow, and the way I approach my work means always keeping the creative nature of the work at the forefreont, no matter what I'm shooting. So you'll never catch me half-arsing it. I promise. :)


I've only got 3. Easy, right? Of course, there are times when these are customized- more hours ($100 per extra hour), travel fees, that sort of thing. Let me know if you have questions! And as a bonus- if you DO book a package with me, I'll knock $100 off a digital engagement package for you.

...and yes, all wedding packages include full rights to do your own printing. I'll even reccomend where to print through!


1 ::: $1500

hrs coverage
+ high resolution, custom printed wedding disk


2 :::  $2300

5 hrs coverage  

   +  high resolution, custom printed wedding disk  

   +  10 x 10, custom designed, lay-flat wedding book      

3 :::  $3100

5 hrs coverage  

   +  high resolution, custom printed wedding disk  

   +  10 x 10, custom designed, lay-flat wedding book

+ 20 x 30" metal wall portrait

+ engagement session 


(if you are also interested in wedding VIDEOGRAPHY services for your big day, please inquire).


E-mail the photographer at or call 417.622.1379.

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