wedding photography


I'm here for every engaged couple that has ever said 'we just want something a little different' in a photographer. For every couple that is quirky, goofy, funny, crazy.... and just wants something more than the traditional wedding photographer. 

I feel so blessed to be there documenting the day that you and your loved one officially become a family.  I get to take grand pictures of you as a couple that make people gasp... as well as gentle ones that make them cry. Quirky photos of you and your wedding party that will make everyone laugh (and yes, of course, some nice pictures of you and your family too that will make grandma smile). And between it all, My camera is absorbing images of real moments both quiet and powerful that are weaved together to create a stunning collection of imagery that is the story of your wedding.

I've been at this awhile, and I've learned how to capture the beautiful while also helping to alleviate the wedding day stress. I'm there not just as your photographer, but also as a wedding expert that can help you plan your timeline and make decisions that will make the whole day flow so easily that the worst of that stress will be completely bypassed. And on the day itself, I have an easygoing demeanor that helps calm people down. That's important.


For products & services offered, take a look at my packages and go from there. Some have also asked if I travel... I certainly do. I am based in Joplin, Missouri (kansas city/springfield area), but am willing to travel just about anywhere. 

lifestyle photography and concept portraits for families in the Midwest!